Combining expertise with professionalism and attention to detail, the TRM Cairns team will handle any records management application, allowing our client to carry on with important day-to-day activities. Under the guidance of a supervisor, our team is dedicated to doing the job quickly, efficiently and on time.

Services provided:

  • Cataloguing & Packing File
  • Indexing
  • Culling Files
  • Transporting & Moving files
  • Scan on demand


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TRM Cairns offers all clients online management of their records using EDC RCWeb. RCWeb lets you find & retrieve all your boxes & files, as well as giving you an online records management database so you can add new records, update old ones, search for everything in full-text as well as produce customisable reports (inlcuding ones that tell who took what and when).

RCWeb gives you the power of the systems used by TRM Cairns in a convenient and usable platform that anyone can enjoy. RCWeb is completely secure and can be tailored to your particular requirements. Contact us for a demonstration.


Fast, flexible, user-friendly and uniquely innovative, EDC CS is the record management solution that thinks outside the box to let you manage each and every document whether archived or active.

It also gives you direct 'real time' access and total control over your records stored at TRM Cairns. EDC CS scales into a fully functional EDRMS (electronic document & records management system) which lets you manage paper files, emails & electronic documents from one platform. It is completely integrated with Microsoft Office products and even lets you do OCR Scanning from your desk.


TRM Cairns can help you design a cost effective records management program that will guide your organisation's records from 'creation to destruction'. We will assist you in the most efficient manner in which records should be stored, accessed, retained and ultimately destroyed.

Services provided:

  • Retention & Disposal Schedules
  • Records Management Audit
  • Vital Records Program
  • File Classification Systems
  • Archive Services