How many times have you told yourself that you 'have better things to do', as you thumb through pile after pile of papers, suspension file after suspension file, looking for a critical piece of information that just isn't where you expected it to be?

In today's business environment, records storage is a critical service. With the increase in statutory requirements for records retention and the desire for professional business managers to be able to access their important information immediately, the storage of business records in secure, offsite facilities is paramount. Equally important is having a skilled, world-class records management partner on your side, so that your information is organised, instantly accessible and personally controlled.

How Does Records Storage Work?

There are many different types of records storage services available today, as the Information Age gathers steam and proliferation of files and associated regulations hits new highs. Records storage itself is simple: TRM provides the secure warehouse, you provide the files. However, the use to your business goes far beyond having that pile of papers out of your sight.

At TRM, we offer records storage in Cairns and all Queensland Regional Centres in conjunction with a range of other key information management services. Here are the key features of our records storage service:

  • Collection and delivery available: TRM will collect your records for storage when required, delivering them back to you on a twice-daily schedule, with urgent and eDelivery options available.
  • Document management: We're not just a warehouse - our expert information managers can help to organise your records in storage into a manageable system, laying the groundwork for scanning-on-demand.
  • Scan-on-demand: You can either have your entire collection in records storage scanned and digitally, as well as physically, stored, or you can utilise our scan-on-demand service. We can store your records, find a document when you require it, scan-on-demand and upload to our secure web interface for near-instant access.
  • Cost-cutting with records retention schedules: TRM notifies you when records are ready for destruction so that you can help manage your costs.
  • Online management and instant access: All items are barcoded and you have secure web access to your archives using the world's leading online records management tool, EDC RCWeb. TRM can help you get your records under control to save time & money

Why Choose TRM for Records Storage in Cairns?

Records storage with TRM is not just space hire in a warehouse - our services are different. Here's why:

More than just records storage! We offer traditional records storage, pickup, identification and retrieval services ... but our full palette of services detailed above allows you to truly improve your business's responsiveness, speed of operation and profitability.

Extensive experience: Since 1995 TRM Cairns has provided dedicated records storage centres specifically designed to comply with strict industry standards. However, we certainly don't rely only on our past knowledge - all TRM senior staff are active in the records storage and management industry, undergoing consistent skills upgrades and training.

ISO9001 accredited: We are dedicated to quality in both records storage and customer interactions ... and we put our money where our mouth is, undergoing the strict requirements of ISO9001 every year.

Offsite storage is cost-effective, provides a high level of security against unauthorised access or accidental damage of your records and best of all, you know exactly what records you have stored and exactly where they are. Fill out the form below for a fast quote or industry-leading advice on records storage and document management services.


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