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We're now solidly placed in the middle of a digital world, where ink and paper has been replaced by 1s and 0s, postage stamps have been replaced by usernames and passwords, and it is simply no longer acceptable to have to go to the library or search through a filing cabinet every time you need to know something!

TRM Cairns can provide you with document scanning and digital records management solutions as part of your overall archiving strategy.

Do you want the simplicity of hardcopy records with the convenience of digital access? Our image-on-demand document scanning service allows you to request your files online and receive them digitally via our secure online portal, EDC RCWeb, or even by email.

Why Switch to Document Scanning?

Document scanning brings your everyday business operations up into the digital age with all the associated benefits, like:

  • Instant searchability of your files - type in a name, phone number or word and see all of the documents associated with that
  • Improved security and highly customised permission levels utilising passwords and encryption
  • Reduced storage and real estate costs

Document scanning is a base activity for businesses that ensures future-readiness in your most basic of operations, not a luxury ... and TRM Cairns is the most reliable, quality-oriented and affordable document scanning partner you'll encounter.

Why Choose TRM Cairns for Document Scanning?

Digital info management and advisory: Are you interested in the power of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for document scanning to enable you to unlock the information in your hardcopy records for full-text searching and retrieval? OCR is only the base technology, not the full system which actually puts the information at your fingertips. TRM can help you image and manage your information without the complexity.

All formats document scanning and preservation: We can also assist you with specialised services for all forms of digital preservation as well as scanning all large format documents.

ISO9001:2008 Accredited: The ISO9001:2008 Quality Standard is a global benchmark, and your assurance of getting world-class document scanning and supporting services through TRM Cairns.

You can get in touch with us for quotes and questions answered quickly and easily using the form below. Patch the holes in your digital framework, boost productivity and cut costs using document scanning, starting today!


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