Nowadays, there is an increasing disclosure of personal information to businesses and 'confidential information' isn't only held by lawyers and health professionals. Secure document destruction for personal information at the end of its useful lifecycle is every business's responsibility ... and with Total Records Management's confidential document destruction in Queensland, your secure destruction services can fit effortlessly alongside your ordinary business operations.

Why Do I Need Secure Document Destruction Services?

Business records are one of your most valuable assets. Maintaining business confidentiality is considered of paramount importance. Even outdated written information can put your business at risk if it falls into the wrong hands. Such information needs to be maintained in the strictest confidence until it is destroyed. Additionally, the Australian Government's National Privacy Principle 4.1 says that organisations must take reasonable steps to protect the information they hold about customers from misuse, loss and unauthorised access as well as disclosure or modification. The following principle states that you must destroy and permanently de-identify personal information if it is no longer needed for its original purpose.

Industrial Strenght Degaussing [NEW SERVICE]

Total Records Management Cairns can now permanently erase your data storage (Hard Drives, Tapes, Computer Disks). Using State of the art Degaussing* equipment we can register serial numbers and supply destruction certificates for your records.

* A Degausser is a device that generates a magnetic field for degaussing magnetic storage media. The safest way to destroy sensitive data.

Why Choose TRM for Secure Destruction Services?

At Total Records Management, we offer not only the ultimate in security for records undergoing confidential document destruction in Cairns ... our service is flexible, versatile and offers so much more than the base service.

No contracts: Other secure destruction services will want you to sign up for 12 months worth of services ... sometimes paying even in the months you don't need anything destroyed! At Total Records Management you are not under contract for confidential document destruction in Cairns ... but we're confident you'll stay for the fantastic rates and versatile full service!

Records retention schedules: For records in storage, we can work with you to create a records retention schedule. We can store your records according to their retention needs, and take care of confidential document destruction in-house in Cairns on the schedule as required. This ensures that you are not storing records for longer than required, and that you are compliant with government regulations.

ISO9001:2008 Accredited: Our secure document destruction services (as well as our records management, media storage and imaging services) all conform to the strict international standards of ISO9001:2008 - this accreditation guarantees you a quality experience with a company that is truly reliable and accountable.

Environmental responsibility: All of the paper records undergoing secure document destruction with us are shredded and recycled. If your company makes environmental responsibility part of your base operations, it's important that you hold the same high standards of your service suppliers ... and Total Records Management is on the same green wavelength! With Total Records Management secure destruction services, you can feel the burden of your compliance and regulatory obligations lifted from your shoulders, and revel in the freedom to do what your business does best. Want to know more about our confidential document destruction in Cairns? Contact us today!


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